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    Advertise virtually anything here, with CPM banner ads, CPM email ads and CPC contextual links. You can target relevant areas of the site and show ads based on geographical location of the user if you wish.

    Starts at just $1 per CPM or $0.10 per CPC.

Digital Point Ads Advertisers

Digital Point Ads advertiser information.

Connect Directly With Site Owners

Digital Point Ads is an advertising system that allows you to find specific sites you want to advertise (your ads only go to sites you choose), you even pay the site owner directly.

The Process

Find site(s) you want to advertise on.

Create ads for your chosen sites and set your bid for the space.

Get traffic to your site... win.

Market Driven

Advertising costs are market driven, so you simply bid for any ad space.

Automatic Downward Bidding

Regardless of what you enter as your maximum bid, the system will always lower your cost to be $0.01 more than the next highest bidder.

Target Your Audience

You have the ability to target ads to specific countries if you wish via our geotargeting technology. Some sites also allow you to target just specific areas of their site (for example maybe an advertiser is only interested in advertising within the "Web Hosting" forum on the Digital Point Forum).

Multiple Ad Types

There are many ad types supported (not all types are supported on all sites), including CPM banners, CPC inline text link and CPM email ads.

Flexible Formats

There are currently 16 dimensions supported, all 16 sizes support text-based as well as image based banners (JPG, GIF & PNG formats are all supported).

Powerful Granularity

You are able to set default bids on a per ad basis, and then override bids on a per area and/or keyword basis.

Detailed Reporting

Of course you get reports that can be broken down by day and/or specific ads, but you also get realtime reporting of EVERY impression and click as they happen (you get to see things such as user agent, IP address of people that clicked an ad, etc.)

Advertiser Protection

In the case that our system thinks someone viewing or clicking an ad is not a real human being or doing it maliciously, the impressions and clicks are free of charge. We tend to err on the side of giving you free advertising vs. charging you for bad traffic.

Will my ads ever be displayed if I'm never the highest bidder?

Yes, there is a dimishing logarithmic scale used to determine which ad will be displayed. The #1 bidder has a 75% chance for their ad to show, the #2 bidder has a 15% chance and the #3 bidder has a 10% chance.

Protection Against Multiple Ads

If there is a case where you have more than one ad that could be displayed on the same site/area, the system will never look at your other ads when determining the highest bidder. This automatic protection prevents you from accidentally bidding against yourself.


Payments are made directly to the site owner via PayPal.

More Questions?

Visit the support forum and we will be happy to help.