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    Advertise virtually anything here, with CPM banner ads, CPM email ads and CPC contextual links. You can target relevant areas of the site and show ads based on geographical location of the user if you wish.

    Starts at just $1 per CPM or $0.10 per CPC.

Digital Point Ads Publishers

Digital Point Ads publisher information.

What is this?

Digital Point Ads is an advertising delivery system that allows advertisers to bid on ad space from site owners directly.

The Process

Verify ownership of your site.

Place ad serving code on your site.

Review ads that advertisers submit for your site.

When an advertiser is the highest bidder to run an ad, the ad will automatically display, otherwise your normal AdSense ad can display.

New Opportunities

In addition to banner ads, the system also has the ability to deliver inline keyword based text link ads and ads within emails that were already being sent anyway (the system does not send emails just to display an ad... if you are looking for an email spamming system, look elsewhere).

No Risk Whatsoever

If advertisers aren't buying ad space on your site, the system can be set to simply run your normal Google AdSense ads.

No Hassle

You don't need to manually insert/remove ads. The system does it automatically as necessary.

Simple To Install

Copy/paste a little JavaScript code to install the system on your site.

Complete Bidding System

Pricing for your ad space is market driven with a complete bidding system that advertisers can utilize (you of course can set minimum bids).

Control How Your Ads Are Delivered

It's your site, we think you should have complete control over how your ads look. Beyond the normal stuff like colors, you can fine-tune things like border radius, specify insertion animations, etc. You can check out the ad builder to see how customizable your ads can be.

Review The Ads

Before an ad is displayed on your site, you get to approve/deny each and every ad that an advertiser submits to run on your site.

Technical Benefits

  • Efficient - Regardless of how many ads you display on a single page, only one request from the client is needed to fill all ad spaces. This means your page loads ultra fast.
  • Lightweight - Depending on how many ads you display on your page, the network traffic sent to the end users for ad delivery is between 10-15k per PAGE VIEW. If you compare this to AdSense, AdSense needs more than 100k PER AD. So 3 Digital Point Ads on a single page would take ~10k and 2 HTTP requests vs. ~350k and 11 HTTP requests for Google AdSense.
  • Modern - It's not the 90s anymore, we don't use IFRAMES to deliver ads. Ads are rendered within the normal DOM tree of your page.
  • Non-Blocking - Ads are not inserted until AFTER your page has rendered (other ad systems slow your page because they load while the page is still rendering).
  • Makes AdSense Better - If there are no Digital Point Ads to display and the system inserts your AdSense ads, it's done so after the page renders (the content of your page will load faster).
  • Responsive Banners - Banners support fully responsive sizes (variable banner sizes based on the width of the browser window).
  • HTTPS / SPDY - Ad serving is fully supported over HTTPS as well as SPDY.

Allow Advertisers To Target Their Specific Audience

Advertisers can choose to show their ads based on the geographical location of the user viewing the ad automatically via geotargeting technology. Ads can also be targeted to display only in certain areas of your site (for example maybe you have a forum and an advertiser is just interested in displaying ads in certain sub-forums).


Advertisers pay the publishers (site owners) DIRECTLY via PayPal. Payments do not go through us or anyone else.

How Much Can I Expect To Make?

Ads are sold on a bidding system, so how much you make is largely dependent on how much traffic your site has, the quality of your site (higher quality sites will get more advertisers bidding on the ad space), etc.

As an example though, when digitalpoint.com started using the system with ad placement no different than AdSense, by the 3rd month, we were making roughly 400% of what we were from AdSense (it also goes up each month as you gain more advertisers bidding against each other and previous advertisers continue to advertise).

What's The Cost

If advertisers don't buy any ad space, there is no cost. If advertisers do buy ad space, the cost is 20%.

More Questions?

Visit the support forum and we will be happy to help.